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Matthew M. Boles

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As a senior partner with over 25 years of experience in the Des Moines law firm of Parrish Kruidenier, Iowa native Matthew M. Boles focuses his practice primarily in the areas of Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice, Civil Rights & Discrimination, Negotiation, Criminal Law (State & Federal), Family Law and Employment Law. In 2017, Mr. Boles earned one of the Top 100 settlements in the United States on behalf of his client. Mr. Boles has a long history of handling complex litigation, jury trials and settlements. He has earned multiple murder acquittals during his time practicing law. Mr. Boles is admitted to practice in state courts throughout Iowa, as well as federal trial and appeals courts serving the state.


Section 1983 (Police Misconduct – Police Brutality)

Estate of Brandon Ellingson v. State of Missouri, Anthony Piercy, et al. The Estate of Brandon Ellingson filed a lawsuit alleging violation of client’s civil rights under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 in the tragic and unnecessary drowning death of Brandon Ellingson while being transported in police custody. The State of Missouri agreed to settle the claims for $9,000,000

Orville Hill v. City of Des Moines, Colin Boone, et al. Client filed a civil rights action under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 against a City of Des Moines police officer for kicking him in the face and knocking out three teeth. This case was successfully settled for $252,000.00.

Estate of Koelker v. Dubuque County, et al. Client filed a civil rights action under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 against Dubuque County and its jailers for failing to take reasonable measures to safeguard client against suicidal inclination. Due to Defendant’s omission and actions Defendant hung himself. The case was successfully settled for $65,000.00.

Wrongful death/ Catastrophic Injury

Client was injured in boating accident and suffered internal injury and soft tissue injuries. The case was successfully for $160,000.00

Client was injured by U.S. postal mail carrier vehicle. Client suffered torn muscles, broken ribs and bruising to chest cavity. The case was successfully settled for $89,000.00.

Dubuque County client was riding on his motorcycle and was struck from the rear by a bank employee running errands in her personal vehicle. Client was slammed into the back of a semi-trailer waiting for the light to turn. Client was killed on impact. The case was successfully settled for $750,000.00

Client was injured in boating accident. Client required multiple surgeries, lost income and had permanent scars. The case was successfully settled for $1,340,000.00

Client was injured in car accident on I-80/35 as another vehicle merged into client’s car, sending the vehicle into the guard rail. Client suffered a torn rotator cuff and a bulging disc. The case was successfully settled for $225,000.00.

Personal Injury

Polk County client was a passenger in an automobile stopped on the travel portion of Interstate 35 due to a traffic backup when it was rear-ended at over 65 mph by a car that did not brake for the traffic stoppage. Client suffered multiple serious injuries including a closed head injury. The case was settled for $844,000.00.

Story County client was traveling on Highway 30 when another vehicle left the travel portion of the road and swerved back onto the road colliding with the client’s vehicle at a high rate of speed. Client suffered neck and back injuries resulting in two torn rotator cuffs and surgeries. The client’s case was settled for $130,000.00.

Polk County client slipped on icy sidewalk at his apartment complex due to the placement of a down spout that allowed the water to run off over the sidewalk. Client suffered a fracture of his right tibia and fibula. He had a plate put in his leg for stability and had permanent scarring. The matter was settled for $92,500.00.

State Criminal Defense

State v. Bubu Palo, Story County Case No. FECR047883. Client was charged with two counts of sex abuse in the second degree (class B felonies). Counsel, after extensive pretrial motions and discovery hired a fabric forensic expert to prove the damage done to clothing of complaining witness and her version of events was physically impossible. The State dismissed all charges after expert’s deposition.

State v. Joe Williams, Johnson County Case No. FECR063062. Former University of Iowa wrestler and assistant coach charged with sex offense. Jury returned a verdict of not guilty.

Iowa State student was charged with 5 felonies including first degree robbery for an on-campus incident involving 4 victims. A successful plea was negotiated to a Theft in the First Degree with probation was negotiated. This plea also allowed the student to finish their academic career and graduate from the university.

Client was manufacturing Opium and was arrested on multiple felony charges. After extensive negotiations a plea to a single felony allowed for argument at sentencing to include a full examination of client’s life history and cultural barriers granting the court the opportunity to impose a sentence of probation.

Client was charged with multiple counts of sexual assault alleging assault of minor attending their child’s birthday party. After exhaustive piecing together of video and still photographs the time period for alleged assault was narrowed down to a twenty-minute window. Client went to trial and the jury was hung resulting in a mistrial. Post-trial negotiation resulted on the state declining further prosecution.

Client was on parole and set to discharge in three days. Local law enforcement along with another parole officer conducted a warrantless search of client’s home and found an illegal controlled substance under the guise of a parole check. After a successful motion to suppress hearing challenging the constitutionality of the search, the court ruled the police officer and parole officer violated client’s rights. The case was dismissed.

Client was stopped for a traffic violation. Officer’s conducted an inventory search of the contents of the interior of the car. A motion to suppress was filed challenging the constitutionality of the search as being investigatory in nature rather than inventory related based on evidence from the body camera footage and the audio of the officers. The case was dismissed.

Client was charged with kidnapping and sexual assault based on allegation that he held ex-girlfriend against her will in his house and sexually assaulted her. After lengthy pretrial discovery and tracking down neighbor witness, the client proceeded to trial. The complaining witness story did not match with the evidence and the other eyewitness testimony. The jury returned a not guilty verdict on all counts.

A central Iowa man was accused of possession with intent to deliver drugs after search of his residence as a result of an ex-girlfriend’s call to police alleging domestic abuse. After a trial where both the ex-girlfriend’s credibility and the investigative techniques of the officer were heavily challenged the jury returned a not guilty verdict on all counts.

Client was charged with multiple drug felonies. After police raided a hotel room where the client had stopped by to see a friend who had rented the room. Officers searched room and found a large quantity of controlled substances in a dresser. During the course of trial, the nature of the police surveillance and cross-examination of the police officers established the client was only in the room for a short period of time and was not the subject of the original investigation. The jury returned a not guilty verdict on all counts.

1st Degree Murder Cases

State v. Michael Bruce, Black Hawk County. After a five and half week trial, Defendant was acquitted of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder after being accused of shooting three people inside a custom auto shop when he allegedly tried to rob them of $30,000.00 worth of cocaine.

State v. Brandon Cason, Polk County. Defendant was acquitted of first-degree murder after the State had alleged, he had stabbed a man in the street outside of his house.

State v. Paul Gilbert, Linn County. The State accused him of shooting an individual in an alleged gang dispute. Extensive pre-trial discovery and depositions assisted in discrediting the State’s theory he was a gang member.  He was acquitted of first-degree murder by the jury.

State v. Richard Evans, Polk County. The State charged the Defendant with first degree murder and attempted murder related to a shooting that occurred after hours at a restaurant. After extensive discovery and depositions, a plea agreement to an aggravated misdemeanor, accessory after the fact charge was negotiated.

Federal Criminal Defense

Client was one of eight people charged in a large wide-ranging drug conspiracy involving multiple counts. A conviction on any of the counts would have resulted in a potential life sentence., Client waited to be the last trial of all eight defendants per counsel’s advice. During trial it was demonstrated the other witnesses, including several cooperating defendants, had been moved inside the jail multiple times over the year awaiting trial which allowed them to compare stories while being incarcerated inside the jail. Client was acquitted on all count.

Client was charged with six counts of counterfeiting U.S. currency. Throughout plea negotiations and interviews with U.S. Treasury officials, client was able to explain the nature of the methods used to secure counterfeit currency and demonstrate he was not manufacturing the currency. Pursuant to a plea agreement client plead to one count of counterfeiting. After a full presentation at sentencing hearing of proactive steps taken by client to change his life the court granted him probation (a very rare occurrence in federal court).

University Administrative Hearings

Based on plea agreement the university student conduct code required discipline to and including expulsion. Successful negotiation allowed student to remain enrolled and graduate.

Iowa State student was charged with felony sexual assault and suspended form the University.  A successful application for injunctive relief to the district court ordered a stay of the administrative ruling allowing client to continue in school and participate in extra-curricular activities. The client ultimately graduated from the university.  Successful appeal of administrative process per University policy through all levels of the administrative process including appeal to the Board of Regents

Appeals to Appellate, Supreme Court and 8th Circuit Court.

Over twenty-five (25) appeals to the higher courts on issues related to each of the areas of practice listed.